Jumbo Sized Indoor Plant

jumbo indoor plant

 Raphis Exelsa | Palem wergu

Jumbo-sized indoor plants that have a greater form of ornamental plants in a standard room, if the room is decorated with plants generally are standard height of 1.5 meter range

Application placement jumbo-sized indoor plants
The gate of the building, the lobby or public space is large in size that fits in the placement of this plant, it would seem indanya synergies shapes and sizes
Types of ornamental plants jumbo sized room can vary between different song of india, song of, hangjuang, banyan, Pleomele angustifolia nebrown etc.
Pots for indoor plants is beruran large plastic pots, and for the outer pot is made of pottery or other material such as stainlist that is perfect when paired with a jumbo-sized plants
For the size of the plant is high 2 to 3 feet with a canopy diameter in the range of 75 cm up to 110 cm, and the condition is usually fresh or leafy plants, this is caused by the large pot that will better ensure the intake of nutrients for growing of indoor plants jumbo-sized

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